NEXTP1 29 September 2018P2 6 October 201808:00 - 13:00 Yellowwwod Park Hall


DAY 1      08:00 to at least 16:30
Documentation for POE folder
Go through notes
Go through the EWSETA documentation required
Go through CoC sections
Different Induction Policies - Safety equipment
Equipment required to do the CoC
Revision and photos using and Testing Instruments for POE
A detailed explanation of CoC Form section by section
Explanation of terminology used
Inspection - Applying all you have learned - Trade Test - P1,P2 - Unit Standards - Experience
Go through the 16 TESTS to be done and INSTRUMENTS used
Testing - Interpretation of results - Documentation of results
Go through doing a Deviation Report/ EWSETA TEST SHEETS
Go on-site to do an INDUSTRIAL THREE PHASE CoC
Look for visible faults - Site Diagram - Main DB Diagram - Sub DB Diagram - Take on-site Photos - 
Do all Tests required and complete required documents - Take on-site photos.
Return to the classroom to complete Deviation Report and fill in CoC Documents for your POE.

DAY 2        08:00 to way past 16:30
Questions & answers from the previous days training.
Analyze the previous days INDUSTRIAL THREE PHASE Inspection/Tests/Deviation Report
Go to-site and do a COMMERCIAL THREE PHASE CoC.
Go to-site and do a DOMESTIC THREE PHASE CoC.
Go to site and do a DOMESTIC SINGLE PHASE COC if required.
Complete all DOCUMENTATION (same as above) for all CoC's.